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A deva is an intelligent energy being, without a body, who tends, and blends in with, nature.If, after gaining experience of the planet in a devic state, the entire cadre is in agreement to begin physical life, each fragment must slow its energy down to become solid and start the process of incarnating on the Physical Plane.After that there are six other planes of existence to grow through, and then it's back to the oneness of the Tao.This is an extraordinarily long "game" we are talking about, at least from our earthly perspective.

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Before taking a body each lifetime, every essence determines for itself, perhaps carefully, perhaps not, which culture, which parents, what the body type and sex will be and what the personality will be like.

Ways of being are supposed to be different in different developmental stages; at some point we experience it all, moving continually along to different levels of understanding and responsibility.

Michael always emphasizes that while each stage is unique and manifestly distinct from the others, no one place is better or worse than any other; they all belong in this game we have chosen to play.

Michael affirms what we've suspected; life is indeed a learning game.

He then describes the structure and rules of this game, making note of patterns which are much too large to be perceived easily while in a human body, living in their midst.

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